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I really don't understand where you or anyone else get the impression that I'm asking for censorship, or leading a "mob". Of course you and I won't agree on everything, we're strangers, I don't know you. But I'm kinda surprised that your stance is essentially "racist jokes don't hurt anyone, just don't watch". I don't watch it. But if that person can educate themselves & understand the consequences then I'm all for putting in the work to educate them. That's it.




When I said “I don’t know what she’s doing” I wasn’t being snarky, I literally haven’t paid enough attention to accuse you of anything. My stance is that censoring performers and comedian is not appropriate, I assume you agree with that. I have no problem with criticism, boycotting, talking about stuff. I’ve never defended anything Shane Dawson said or did, I don’t even watch him enough to really care, all I care about is preventing the slippery slope of “getting rid of stuff I don’t like.” I said that I don’t know if that’s your stance because I don’t know if that’s your stance. it sounds like it isn’t.

I think it would be probably useful for Shane Dawson to think about the effect that his work has on people (mainly because so many children watch his stuff), but I’m not sure under what authority anyone has the right to tell him he has to. He can do whatever he wants.

I’m skeptical of the concept that “racist jokes cause (normal, adult) people to become racist” that sounds absurd to me.

Thanks for the clarification. No, I’m not advocating censorship of anyone. But, YouTube does have terms of service that prohibit certain types of content, which includes hate speech, abuse, sexually explicit content etc. It’s really up to them to determine what that covers, but they have every right to remove content that they feel breaks those terms. 

As for your question of “racist jokes cause people to become racist”. The same way rape jokes normalize rape, thus desensitizing people to how serious rape is, and dissuading victims from coming forward, jokes that normalize racist attitudes, influence how people perceive those groups. If adults are on the fence about feelings towards a particular group, negative jokes about that group can change their attitudes towards them. This is 
especially true when said audience is full of children. Those same children are now in my Twitter mentions calling me the n-word and encouraging other fans to harass me across social media. The same way children have taken to Twitter to call FKA Twigs “monkey” because she’s dating a former Twilight star.

I don’t believe a racist joke is going to “turn” someone into a racist. But when you look at how mainstream media portrays people of color and treats people of color, it’s hard not to see a link between jokes that insist that we’re less than and our lives aren’t as valuable and the fact that the world at large treats us as such. 

For added reference: Social Consequences of Disparagement Humor: A Prejudiced Norm Theory  (via Personality and Social Psychology Review)


Our new addition to the family  @goldteeth666 is moving in with her two hairless cats


Our new addition to the family
@goldteeth666 is moving in with her two hairless cats